Principles of Bible Study

This course is an introduction to various tools of Bible study and a methodical and inductive approach to study of the Scriptures, basic laws, and principles of interpretation. This course includes opportunities to practice using the tools, methods, and principles.

Biblical Worldview

This class will focus on what makes the Christian faith unique from other religious viewpoints, and give grounding to one’s convictions through the understanding and application of the “creation, fall, redemption, restoration” rubric.

Systematic Theology

This class will focus on the various topics of doctrine, specifically the Bible, God, man, angels, sin, Christ, salvation, the Holy Spirit, the church, and end times.


This class will focus on practical aspects of stewardship, time management, and other key components of formulating a biblical lifestyle.

Leadership & Ecclesiology

This class will focus on key aspects of the local church, its importance, and its mission and purpose in the world.