Boot Camp 2016 Day 6

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Boot Camp 2016 Day 5

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Boot Camp 2016 Day 4

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Boot Camp 2016 Day 3

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Boot Camp 2016 Day 2

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Boot Camp 2016 Day 1

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Boot Camp 2015 Day 5

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day 5

Day 5 was the day of Commissioning. The students had learned all week how to overcome sin and temptation, how to set themselves apart, and how to live in a world that continually holds them captive. Day 5, they were commissioned to go out and change the world. The students spent time during the day

Boot Camp 2015 Day 4

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Today was the day of Captivity. The students learned all about the prophet Daniel today, as he was held captive in Babylon. And just like Daniel, we, as believers, are held captive by the world and even more than that, the American Dream. The students participated in competitions all day long in order to earn

Boot Camp 2015 Day 3

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day 3

Today was the day of Covenant. God has made many covenants throughout the lengths of the Bible and today we learned the difference between living under the law of Moses and living free in the grace of Christ. We added more and more rules throughout the day for the students to keep, such as eating

Boot Camp 2015 Day 2

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Day 1 for boot camp 2015 is in the books, and Day 2 is officially in the books as well. Today was the day of Conquest. The students were challenged to conquer different things in their life, whether temptation, sin, insecurities, etc. We had a solo time hike, where the students split up into guys