Boot Camp 2016 Day 1

by / Sunday, 12 June 2016 / Published in Uncategorized

Day 1 of Boot Camp 2016 is officially “in the books”. Our theme for day one was “Identity of Faith” The camp split into guys and girls, spending the entire day learning about their identity. Learning not only who God says they are, but who the world claims they are, who the enemy claims they are, and even who they define themselves to be.

The girls received a brick in which they were told to write on it the lies they have believed or are currently believing. As they went throughout the day, they were told to carry the brick with them everywhere they went, sometimes even having to hold it above their heads. This brick represented the lies they carry with them, the pain the lies cause in our lives, and the overall hindrance the lies cause in our everyday life. Toward the end of the day, they were sent through an obstacle course. At the end, their bricks were replaced with crosses. Then, they were sent out to ‘search and rescue’ the leaders who also had bricks and commissioned to be ambassadors of the Truth.

Guys day was an incredible time to understand what a group of men working together for a common goal can accomplish. The activity “C40” challenged and stretched our students unlike any other guy’s day before. All of the men, leaders and students, had 40 minutes to accomplish 400 log sit-ups, 400 caber presses, 40 laps running around the pond, 10 laps portaging a canoe around the pond, 40 people being lifted and moved over a wall, a 400lb tire flip, and 4,000 push ups. The resounding theme was: what can happen when 44 men take a stand for Jesus Christ in their lives? Anything is possible.

Thank you so much for keeping our students and leaders in your prayers! As we march forward in the Word of God, seeking His presence daily, we believe that God will move mountains here at Boot Camp 2016.

Because of the technical difficulties we are having with our WiFi at the camp, we may not be able to get these posts up every single night like we had originally thought. But, we are going to update Facebook throughout the day to keep you informed with what the students are doing. Thank you for your patience!

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