Boot Camp 2016 Day 2

by / Monday, 13 June 2016 / Published in Uncategorized

Day Two was Commitment of Faith. The students woke up early this morning and were asked "What are you committed to?" Little did they know that the rest of the day, they would challenged with that very thought. The thought being way beyond how they spend their money or what they give their time to, but what has their heart? If they claim to be committed to Jesus Christ, what does that look like in their life on a day to day basis.
The students were given an egg right after PT this morning and were told to keep it all day long without breaking it or leaving unattended. Could they commit to protecting this egg all day long? Some students definitely had better luck than others! Today we dove into the Word for 6-8 hours, studying the first few chapters of 1 Samuel. The students and leaders quickly realized how deep the Scriptures are and how many lessons and Truths we can learn from just a few chapters. The students participated in a duty time where they were challenged to commit themselves to finish each station, seven stations total. Some of the stations including memorizing the Word of God amidst distractions, praying with fervency amidst even more distractions, and challenging themselves physically to complete everything they committed to completing. Our platoon times have been phenomenal. Students sharing what God is teaching them, working through their pasts, pain, trials, blessings, everything in between. We are excited to see how the Word of God, prayer, and challenging Truths start to take root in their lives, change their perspectives, and help them to see the bigger picture. Continue to pray as the students participate in 'community time' tonight. An opportunity to seek God, lay down their burdens, and find healing in the hope and life of Jesus Christ.