Boot Camp 2016 Day 3

by / Tuesday, 14 June 2016 / Published in Uncategorized

Today was definitely the most difficult day for the students. The theme for Day Three was "Desperation of Faith". The students were woken up in the morning and sent to PT to pray about what they are desperate for. Where do they spend all of their time? What are they desperate for? Are they desperate for Jesus Christ? If we are desperate, how should that change us and the world around us? They continued their study through the book of 1 Samuel, diving into the life of Saul and the selfish decisions he made along the way, which led to his kingdom being ripped from him. Throughout the rest of the day, the students were challenged with different things they would be desperate for. After crawling through pits of mud, they were desperate for a shower. They were told to sleep outside for nap time, in which they became desperate for a bed. When the PT times became daunting and painful, they were desperate for a break. Even though these things are physical and, in reality, very superficial, the symbolism behind it is what the students were told to think about. Do we crave Jesus Christ more than the things of the world? When we are alone, and in our most vulnerable state, what will we choose? Jesus Christ or the world?