Boot Camp 2016 Day 4

by / Wednesday, 15 June 2016 / Published in Uncategorized

We apologize for this post being late! Last night was jam packed and we were not able to get to any WiFi before this morning. To all of you that have been praying for us this week, THANK YOU. Day Four's theme was "Grace Through Faith". The students sat in multiple sessions yesterday with Colonel Liz Ward, working through the Truths in the Word about who we are before God as believers and the unbelievable grace that we have. On this day of grace, the students redid a duty time they did on Day 2. The only difference being, the leaders were there to help them accomplish everything they needed in order to receive their puzzle pieces. Once the duty time was finished, they put their pieces together which read, "HE IS SUFFICIENT". Later on in the evening, the students went into solo time and were told to write down on a piece of paper their confessions of sin they had done in the past and/or are continuing to do. Once they were finished they were taken in to a room that resembled a court room. The leaders, acting as the court room jury/audience were accusing them as they stepped in the door. The 'attorney' gave their papers to the 'judge' and started to accuse them of their sin, convincing the judge to mark them GUILTY. The judge then told them that by the students own written testimony, they were deemed guilty. The students then left the 'court room' and headed to an area where the leaders portrayed Jesus taking the punishment for them. The students then were able to pray with one another, many of them weeping over the reality that Jesus, in His love and pursuit of their hearts, became sin on their behalf, taking their guilt and taking their shame. One of our students, a football player from the Lima area, knew that he had never prayed to receive Christ into his life. After this skit, he was praying and basking on what had just taken place. He told his leaders that he had prayed to receive Christ in his heart and to surrender his life. Day after day, God is saving people, drawing people to deeper surrender, and pouring out His love on the broken and afflicted here at Boot Camp 2016.