Boot Camp 2016 Day 5

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identity of faith

Yesterday was our last theme day of Boot Camp. We ended with Day 5 being "Identity in Christ Through Faith". They learned on Day 1 "Identity" who the world says they are and yesterday we were challenged with who God says we are. The students went on a walkthrough, where leaders were portraying different sins and lies we struggle with. Whether they are lies from the culture about our appearance, how we should act, or lies from the enemy, surrounding us in darkness. Later on in the day, the leaders did a skit for the students called "The Gospel" skit by Eric Ludy. We were challenged with the Truth that God did not just save us from sin, He adopted us as His children, commissioned us to represent Him in a dark world, and clothed us with Himself. Afterwards, we had a powerful community time where the students could pray with one another, by themselves, or with a leader. The students also had the opportunity to partake in communion. At the end of the night, many students were sharing what God had done in their hearts this week and some even sharing about their salvation experience THIS WEEK. In one of the pictures below, you will see Buck Sutton standing in the middle of students sitting on the ground with some of their hands raised. He asked them if they had received Christ at Boot Camp this year or had a major breakthrough spiritually to raise their hand. God showed up in major ways this year and we know that it is because of YOUR faithfulness praying and God's faithfulness to show up and move mountains.