Boot Camp 2016 Day 6

by / Friday, 17 June 2016 / Published in Uncategorized
rest and relaxation

After a long week of intense study of the Word, physical exercise, and emotional stamina, the students got their day of Rest and Relaxation. Day 6 of every boot camp is their day to relax, explore the camp, and enjoy fellowship. The students had the opportunity to participate in numerous activities such as archery tag, swimming in the pool, knocker balls, and the zip line. Right after brunch, we had a baptism service. We had ??? students get baptized. On this day, every year we also have a banquet we put on. The students get dressed up and the guys escort the girls into the lodge, where we ate an awesome meal provided by our kitchen staff! We handed out awards to the different platoons, some being the Encouragement Award, the Servanthood award, and the Unity Award. Usually, after the banquet, we would go into worship and community time and head to bed. But, what the students didn't know is that the leaders had a plan up their sleeves. As the General (Buck Sutton) was saying a few last words at the banquet, the doors to the lodge started to shake, and a thundering rumble came from the speakers. Colonel Paul Paschal ran in shouting that he was the last Samurai and he needed an army to fight off the enemy, asking the General if he knew of an army that could help. Well, of course the students knew what was next. They had ten minutes to go back and change and the battle would begin. The mission was to defeat the leaders representing the "Seven Deadly Sins" with Scripture (and some foam noodles). The leaders were also holding prisoners captive and the students needed to rescue them and share the Gospel with them. And as we hoped, the students prevailed, defeating the enemy, rescuing the captives, and celebrating their victory like champions. An awesome end to an awesome week.

Today is our cleaning day! We are getting the camp back in tip top shape. After all of the cleaning is done, we will present skits made up of funny moments that happened in the week and then we will pack up and head for home. The students are busting at the seams to share with you all they've learned and experienced!

Tonight at Cable Rd. Alliance Church at 7pm, we are having our Boot Camp Welcoming Home Service. We hope to see everyone there!