Teens for Christ Kenya (TFC) initially started in 2004 as a Bible Club tagged “Teens for Christ Bible Club” where Pastor Moses met a number of teenagers and youth from the slums and surrounding areas to study the Word of God and just encourage each other. They were also involved in printing branded t-shirts for organizations and distribution of evangelism fliers that were distributed in schools and churches. He started in an area called Eastleigh in Nairobi where he set up a small office in his one-room house.

The Bible Club was run in a Bible School within Nairobi city and it is then that a family from the United States who were in Kenya on a Mission Trip noticed what Pastor Moses was doing and they took him to meet another organization in the US that was already active in youth ministry. Pastor Moses received intense training in Theology and upon his return to Kenya. TFC Kenya was registered in 2005 as a non-profit making religious organization registered under the Societies Act of the government of Kenya with a specific focus on reaching teenagers with the Gospel and training them on holy living.

TFC Kenya started with just 10 schools/chapters and with time, we have seen the great hand of God as we are now in 400 schools! Doors for ministry in several schools have been opened and more are still calling onto us to start ministry in their schools because our reputation of consistency and passion for ministry has preceded us. We currently have our head office in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city, although the TFC Kenya work is taking place in other regions in the country. Luke Amoke is now our Executive Director of Kenya, overseeing all of schools in that country.

We have also ventured into Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan where ministry has picked up quite well and we are hopeful that soon TFC will be in Tanzania and Burundi.

Luke Amoke, pictured here with his wife (Jospehine) and two sons (Larry and Lincoln), has felt called into full-time ministry since his salvation at a teen camp in late 2001. With no close role model for him to look up to, Luke made many mistakes as a teenager. Even though he still regrets some of them, this has become foundational in his ministering to teens as he prays and seeks to be a good role model for them to look up to. Luke has a degree in Chemistry from Maseno University and is a graduate of the Emmaus Bible School in Kenya. He has been with Teens For Christ since 2006 as a volunteer, since 2009 as a Regional Director, 2011 as Country Director and 2014 as Executive Director.

Meet Our Students
This is Agnes Atieno from Nyamninia Mixed Secondary school, in Kenya. She was in initiated into devil worship by her Satanist friends, who were telling her that she will get rich and that her problems will end if she joined them in serving the devil. After sometime her mother passed away and problems started mounting in her life to the extent that she did not know where to run for help.
God remembered her in her despair, when a rally was organized in her school. In her desperation, Agnes decided to attend, though she would never attend chapter meetings before. She confessed Jesus as her Lord and savior that day and God’s joy came to life in her, demonic dreams left her she could sleep well without the demands of the devil, todays she is serving God with her whole heart.