Buck Sutton


Teens For Christ today is a direct result of years of praying and fasting. Leading the way by prayer and fasting prior to 1997 was Buck Sutton and his wife Kristin. They knew that they were being called to surrender their lives to God and to serve Him in the mission field but where and whom with wasn’t clear. The decision for Buck to give up a lucrative business venture to pursue ministry began a journey littered with hardships, trials, rejection, and adversity. However, God’s plan was to raise them from the ruins to showcase His amazing character and love. Buck and Kristin’s faith only grew and their passion was only ignited by God even more. In January of 1997 they were approached by the Board of Teens of Christ and given the reins of the ministry. Since 1997 God has taken a small and struggling ministry and used it to advance His Kingdom in mighty ways. Buck has continued to rely on God to lead and direct every aspect of the ministry. He has personally made it his mission to live out Matthew 6:33. “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”
Buck was born and raised in Lima, Ohio. He attended and graduated from Liberty University with a degree in business. He is married to Kristin Sutton and has four children: Tyler, Austin, Amanda, and Kaitlyn. Buck is a visionary! The current vision to reach a million teenagers a week coming to a chapter meeting was given to him by God. Buck also has a vision to unite the Body of Christ no matter what ministry or church you serve in for the purpose of reaching souls for Christ. As long as there is one soul, as long as there is one lost, Buck will be fighting!

contact: buck@teens-for-christ.com

Kristin Sutton


Kristin is not only the faithful wife of Buck Sutton but a true model of what every woman in the faith aspires to be. Many of the girls and interns in the ministry seek her spiritual counsel and words of wisdom. Kristin’s passion is to see young men and women love God deeply and passionately. You will see Kristin serving Teens For Christ by leading the Ministry Team, directing Boot Camp, and administrating the Harvest of Blessings Banquet.
Kristin was born and raised in Lima, Ohio. She is a graduate of Temple Christian High School and currently serves there as a coach and mentor. She is the full time mom, full time spouse, who somehow does full time ministry with faithfulness and godliness.

contact: kristin@teens-for-christ.com

Audrey Sutton


As a 2013 graduate of the Youth Ministry Institute, Audrey has agreed to step in as the ministry's main administrator in our current transition period. The past five years of her life have been an unbelievable journey in which God has brought her heart to His. Audrey is seeking to trust God with her life and has a heart to love others. As a gifted violinist, Audrey has had ample opportunity to serve God through song. She also loves new adventures and new experiences with God.

contact: busadmin@teens-for-christ.com

Christy Nease


Christy was involved with Teens For Christ as a student. She majored in Spanish at Asbury University where she met her husband, Stephen and was married in 2002. She continued her education at Georgia Southern University and now lives happily with her husband and 3 children, Lacey, Alee, and Layla. After four 4 years of teaching Spanish at Temple Christian School, Christy felt God's calling to join our team and has been on staff with Teens For Christ since February of 2012. Christy is very passionate about doing all things with excellence, as unto the Lord and has a heart to minister to others.

contact: christy@teens-for-christ.com

Julie Geesy


In 2015, Julie retired from her position as the head receptionist at SpartanNash after 38 years of working there. The joy of the Lord is so evident in her life and she has a special way of putting a smile on just about anyone's face. She is married, with two daughters who both reside in Texas, one of which helps out in chapters there. She loves to talk to people and is excited to be a part of the ministry and to help us expand financially in order to be able to take the Gospel to more teens in more places throughout the world.

Ken Heath


Ken Heath has been a faithful servant of the Lord in the school systems for fifty-three years. He has spent the majority of his life investing in young men and women in the area. He spent twenty years as a history teacher in public schools, and thirty as the principal of Temple Christian Schools and his last three as a teacher for TCS. Now, after his retirement from teaching, he has agreed to help move the ministry forward by helping us take care of our financial details. Ken is also a faithful husband, father and grandfather. He now enjoys working with his daughter and son-in-law, Buck and Kristin Sutton and two of his grandsons, Tyler and Austin Sutton here on staff at TFC.

Liz Ward


Liz Ward has been with our ministry for over a decade. God has completely transformed her heart through the years and has taught her the value and the depth of His grace and of simply being in His presence. She has a passion for the Word and a passion for others to understand the goodness and power of God. Over the years, she has seen God's mighty hand at work not only in her own life, but also in the lives of others, including her husband and three sons. She has agreed to help us in a time of transition for our ministry and has much wisdom to offer both interns, and staff.

Tyler Sutton


The calling of full-time ministry has been on Tyler's heart for as long as he can remember. He went to Temple Christian high school, being fully grounded in the Truth of the Word from a young age. After going through the ministry as a student, participating for three years on our Ministry Team and going to our summer Boot Camp for all four years, it was a smooth transition for him to join our Youth Ministry Institute. He graduated in August 2014 with a Bachelor's of Science from Baptist Bible College and Seminary in Pennsylvania, with a minor in counseling. He has had the opportunity to be in leadership, trusting God and pushing the ministry forward. He hopes to continue in this ministry for as long as God has him here, allowing him to be a part of a huge movement of God around the world. As Director of Youth Ministry, Tyler trains all of our volunteers, works hand in hand with the Youth Ministry Institute and Answer the Call Internship, and continues to develop the 20 chapters we have here locally. He plans and executes all of our teen related events such as our Fall Bash, Rise Conference, and is the director of Northwest Ohio's biggest high school conference 'Converge'.

contact: tyler.sutton@teens-for-christ.com.

Bekah Yingst


Bekah was more than willing to accept the challenge when we came to her and asked her to be a part of our staff. She knew it would be difficult coming in, but knew that it would be so rewarding! She loves to work on our Converge Conference because she loves the heart beat of it. She knows that God has called us to be unified as a body and wants to see the body of Christ in Lima come together to worship the King! She has a supportive, loving husband and three beautiful children who love Jesus Christ.

contact: converge@convergemovement.com

Garrett Gatton

Director of Fundraising

Garrett is a 2015 graduate of the Youth Ministry Institute. He married his beautiful wife in 2014, and they now have two wonderful children. Garrett felt called of God to raise funds for Teens For Christ while at an international director's meeting in Kenya with TFC president Buck Sutton and his son, Austin Sutton. Garrett is a passionate man, and has a deep desire to see peoples' lives transformed by the power and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He loves to be outdoors; and his hobbies include hiking, reading good books in his hammock and doing anything athletic.

David Thompson


David is no stranger to the heartbeat of Teens For Christ. He participated in all of the discipleship opportunities the ministry had when he was a student, including doing the Youth Ministry Institute right out of high school. He has an undeniable love for the Lord and sharing that love with other people. David is extremely talented and loves using his acting abilities to minister to students. He is hoping to one day take Teens For Christ to Michigan, which has been a dream of his for a long time.

contact: david.thompson@teens-for-christ.com

Austin Sutton


Austin is a 2011 Temple Christian school graduate and a 2015 graduate from the Youth Ministry Institute here at Teens For Christ. Austin has always had a love for the military, specifically the Navy Seals. When he was in high school, he wanted to join the Marines in order to work his way toward being a navy seal, but God had different plans. God called Austin into full-time ministry, specifically working with teenagers. Now, Austin is using his 'navy seal' mindset to impact Lima with the Gospel. He wants to practice excellence and passion in everything that he does, from sharing God's Word, spending time in prayer, discpling young men, and bringing together the body of Christ. Austin is a faithful, committed young man of God and can't wait to see how God uses him in this ministry.

contact: austin.sutton@teens-for-christ.com

Riley Graham


Riley, a 2016 graduate of the Youth Ministry Institute, loves to laugh. One of his favorite things to do is to make others laugh and share in the joy of the Lord. He also enjoys singing and playing the guitar. After saving his soul in January of 2010, God has given Riley a heart to know Him deeply and personally, a heart to be a man after God's own heart, and a desire to seek God. God has put Isaiah 61:1 on his heart and has appointed him to preach and teach the truths of Jesus Christ and His Gospel, prayerfully hoping that others will come to know God deeply as well.

contact: riley.graham@teens-for-christ.com