In the fall of 2009, Teens For Christ started a two to four year internship called the "Youth Ministry Institute". It is a biblical based training ground or "apprenticeship" for ministry. All interns serve in local chapters and events while also taking college classes through Summit University out of Clark's Summit, PA. Summit University is fully accredited and course work is done online. There are several majors to choose from. For more information about Summit University, please visit www.summitu.edu.

Highlights of the Youth Ministry Institute
God's Blessing
Let's face it, you want to grow in your relationship with God and you want to be part of a great movement of God. We believe God's favor and blessing is upon this ministry. Come check out the hearts and lives of the people here! We love God! Come join "The Movement".
Quiet Time
One of the major areas of emphasis is getting still before God to pray, meditate, and to immerse oneself in the Word of God. We do this through daily devotions and quiet times or solo times throughout the year. We also take interns on multiple retreats during the year to get away from distractions and to focus in on time with the Lord.
Culture of Love and Encouragement
You are not just another student in the YMI. You are family. As a team we serve together and do life together. Therefore, we always emphasize loving and encouraging one another.
Mentoring/Life Coaching
Every intern gets to be partnered with a man or woman of godly character who is deeply involved in the vocation of ministry. These mentors/life coaches will challenge their faith and character.
Make a Difference for Jesus in the Local Mission Field
For starters, the interns can serve in up to three chapters a week and attend a weekly prayer meeting. We also encourage local involvement with other churches and ministries. Many of our interns will get hired on staff with local churches while they are attending this internship. Many pastors have come to us looking for someone to help out in their church. We love to present these opportunities to our interns.
The Youth Ministry Institute is financially more affordable than most Christian colleges or universities. In fact, four years in the YMI is cheaper than one year in some private universities and colleges.
Valuable Ministry Experience
God can greatly change your life through the experiences you have in the Youth Ministry Institute. You will be challenged to walk in the Spirit and to have greater faith in God. The possibilities are endless to what God can teach you as you are preparing for the next chapter of your life. You will strengthen current gifts and abilities while also discovering new ones.
For more information on the YMI, fill out the form below and the Director of the Institute will get a hold of you.