Our History

Teens For Christ began its youth ministry efforts more than twenty-five years ago. For several years growth was slow and the vision was unclear. When God brought Buck Sutton to be the organization’s executive director (then president, as of 2013), He gave him a comprehensible mission to accomplish. With a new, clear purpose, God began Teens For Christ on a journey to achieve more growth than anyone had thought possible. Luke 18:27 – Jesus replied, “What’s impossible with man is possible with God.” At that time, we were running 3 chapters, 30 students, and 8 volunteers. Our numbers were small, but our dreams were definitely much bigger. We had no idea that God would take our man-sized dreams and grow them to be God-sized dreams. We dedicated ourselves to prayer, trusting God to expand our ministry to fulfill our vision statement: To develop an army to impact the world for Jesus Christ.

We thought we might be able to get into every school in Lima, and maybe in the surrounding areas, or other cities in the United States. We thought Teens For Christ could average a few thousand teens per week here in the U.S., but God’s plans were MUCH bigger. We got our first call from a business man in town who had a contact for us in Nairobi, Kenya in 2005. From that point on, the ministry started to expand overseas much more than in the U.S.
Now, after adding on 7 countries, and two states in America, God is using Teens For Christ to minister to over 344,000 teenagers per week! In the Lima area alone, we are ministering to over 500 students a week, run 22 chapters, and have over 70 volunteers!