Teens for Christ Nepal began in 2012 when Simon Tamang went to Bangladesh to be trained. He returned to Nepal in the Summer of 2012 and the first chapters started in August of 2012. Currently there are 45 chapters in Nepal.

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Simon Tamang

Simon Tamang was introduced to TFC through an interesting set of circumstances. Don Adhikary, director of TFC Bangladesh, was invited to a conference in Nepal in 2011 by an acquaintance of Simon’s. The person who had invited Don to the conference was expecting wealthy American men, and–once he realized that Don was not–he refused to take care of him while he was there. Simon Tamang stepped in to properly take care of Don. The conference itself even ended up being a trick to con people out of money. But Simon now realizes that it was all a part of God’s plan to connect him and Don. Don invited Simon to be trained in Bangladesh so that he could take TFC back to Nepal! Simon began training in June of 2012 and–later that year–he took TFC back to his country. Simon has been the Executive Director of TFC Nepal since 2014.