Teens For Christ Philippines began in 2013 when Buck and Kristin traveled to the Philippines to meet with several pastors. After several interviews, it was clear that God was opening the door for Jec to come on board as the executive director of TFC Philippines. Jec trained in Kenya during the summer of 2013 and the first chapters started in the Philippines in September of 2013 on the island of Negros.

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Jec Baruman

Jec Baruman, pictured here with his wife Johna, was born July 24, 1981. He began working as an executive director for TFC in September of 2013 when we expanded to the Philippines. Jec and his wife are very passionate about the Lord and have a heart to reach their people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In TFC Philippines, a Pastor named Norvel Mata had left the ministry for personal reasons and to spend time with his newly wed wife. He recently came back and volunteered to go minister on the Island of Siquijor where there is a lot of witchcraft. Keep him in your prayers!