Week of Prayer 2017 will be held at the Teens For Christ office, January 9th-14th.Come and seek God with us as we lift our ministry up before Him.
Also, join us in the celebration of God's work in saving over 100,000 souls through our ministry! The celebration will be held January 14th, at the Teens For Christ office before our weekly prayer meeting.
You may be asking why we pray so long and most nights without sleep. As a ministry, we believe in the power of prayer! For us, prayer is more than asking God for things, it's being in fellowship with our Creator and the One who loves us deeper than we could imagine! We are coming before God, trusting His Word and His promises that if we ask, seek, and knock, He will do unbelievable things.
We get so excited for this every year because we know that God will hear us and answer our prayers! We are so thankful for our prayer warriors who believe the power of the name of Jesus can do anything.

Miracles from the Week of Prayer 2015:
1. A young man from Maryland called us asking for help as he is ministering to teenagers in his area. We are excited to see what that connection holds for the future.
2. A man from Detroit was called to come to Lima and start a church plant in the inner city. He felt led to call our office and and ask for help in doing this.
3. A young man from Venezuela visited our office yesterday after attending a conference with some of our interns. After being in our office and joining us for a few hours, he was interested in joining the Youth Ministry Institute.
4. Our Elida chapter last night had a phenomenal, Spirit filled meeting. Teenagers were crying out to the Lord, worshiping Him, and surrendering their lives to God. We are so excited to see how He will continue to move in our chapters!
5. Simon Ladaa, Executive Director of Lebanon, has an opportunity to reach 10 more schools, doubling or tripling the amount of students he is reaching now.
6. Jeremy Young, a YMI Alumni, is a youth pastor in Burleson, Texas. He was burdened about his teens and asked us to pray. Wednesday, there were 4 salvations in his youth group!
7. A few ladies came in to pray and when they walked into our prayer room, they felt the Spirit of God so heavy, they began to weep. It may not seem like a miracle, but when the Spirit of God is present, it is always worth celebrating!
8. A woman called us this week and asked us to come into their school and share the TRUE hope and love of Jesus. What a great opportunity!
9. Luke Amoke, Executive Director of Kenya, is hoping to come to America in the month of February!
10. One of our senior YMI interns preached at Union Chapel Missionary Church Sunday (1/11) and a young man in the congregation rededicated his life to the Lord.
11. The Ministry Team performed at Immanuel United Methodist Church (1/11) and 12 people came forward to the altar to pray!
12. Two young men in our Elida chapter, who were heavily involved with drugs, gave their lives to the Lord and have been extremely faithful to coming every week to chapter. Now, one of them, is looking at doing our Answer the Call Internship next year!
13. A young lady in our Bath Sr. chapter accepted Christ as her personal Savior! (1/13)
14. Delphos had 64 students at their meeting on Tuesday (1/20) and 7 salvations!