Buck Sutton


Teens For Christ today is a direct result of years of praying and fasting. Leading the way by prayer and fasting prior to 1997 was Buck Sutton and his wife Kristin. They knew that they were being called to surrender their lives to God and to serve Him in the mission field but where and whom with wasn’t clear. The decision for Buck to give up a lucrative business venture to pursue ministry began a journey littered with hardships, trials, rejection, and adversity. However, God’s plan was to raise them from the ruins to showcase His amazing character and love. Buck and Kristin’s faith only grew and their passion was only ignited by God even more. In January of 1997 they were approached by the Board of Teens of Christ and given the reins of the ministry. Since 1997 God has taken a small and struggling ministry and used it to advance His Kingdom in mighty ways. Buck has continued to rely on God to lead and direct every aspect of the ministry. He has personally made it his mission to live out Matthew 6:33. “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

Buck was born and raised in Lima, Ohio. He attended and graduated from Liberty University with a degree in business. He is married to Kristin Sutton and has four children: Tyler, Austin, Amanda, and Kaitlyn. Buck is a visionary! The current vision to reach a million teenagers a week coming to a chapter meeting was given to him by God. Buck also has a vision to unite the Body of Christ no matter what ministry or church you serve in for the purpose of reaching souls for Christ. As long as there is one soul, as long as there is one lost, Buck will be fighting!

Kristin Sutton

Executive Administrator

Kristin is not only the faithful wife of Buck Sutton but a true model of what every woman in the faith aspires to be. Many women of all ages seek her spiritual counsel and words of wisdom. Kristin’s passion is to see young men and women love God deeply and passionately. You will see Kristin serving Teens For Christ by overseeing the planning, administrating, and facilitating of all events.

Kristin was born and raised in Lima, Ohio and graduated from Temple Christian High School. She is the full time mom, full time spouse, who somehow does full time ministry with faithfulness and godliness.


Amanda Ciminillo

Office Administrator

Amanda has lived in Lima her whole life. Having grown up in the ministry, TFC has had a huge impact. It has not only helped her develop spiritually, but has equipped her to help others in the same way. She graduated from Temple Christian School in 2014 and attended the Youth Ministry Institute for three years while being an online college student at Clarks Summit University. She graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies in May of 2018 and, after much consideration, came on staff with Teens for Christ in July of 2018. She feels called to Women’s ministry and sees Teens for Christ as a great avenue towards that calling. Her passion is to help young women understand their role and purpose in the Kingdom of God. She is married to Seth Ciminillo who she has the privilege of doing ministry with in one of the local TFC chapters. Her hobbies include singing at her church, reading, spending quality time with others, and traveling to new places.


Audrey Fox

Business Administrator

Audrey Fox is the Business Administrator for Teens For Christ. She spends much of her time planning the various events of the TFC ministry and guiding college age students in their walks with the Lord.
Audrey was born and raised in Lima, Ohio and graduated from Elida High School in 2011. After high school she went on to graduate from the ATC internship at Teens For Christ in 2012. Audrey appreciates beauty and creativity of all kinds - from fine arts to nature and everything in between. She also loves traveling and deep heartfelt discussions. Audrey's desire is to cultivate a Spirit-filled life in others so that they can experience the fullness of Christ in an intimate way. Her favorite Bible story is the Day of Pentecost because of the new hope, power, and purpose it brings to believers!


Matt Dungan

Director of Youth Ministry

A Lima native, Matt has been involved with Teens For Christ since 2008 in various different roles - from Youth Ministry Institute student to chapter director. In 2013 he answered the Lord's call to take TFC to Texas. After 5 years of directing Teens For Christ Texas, God called him back to Lima, Ohio. He is now working alongside our local volunteers and directors to further develop our chapters. Matt is a selfless leader, always looking for ways to serve those under his care. In his spare time he enjoys fishing and spending time with family and friends.


Ken Heath

Financial Administrative Assistant

Ken Heath has been a faithful servant of the Lord in the school systems for fifty-three years. He has spent the majority of his life investing in young men and women in the area. He spent twenty years as a history teacher in public schools, and thirty as the principal of Temple Christian Schools and his last three as a teacher for TCS. Now, after his retirement from teaching, he has agreed to help move the ministry forward by helping us take care of our financial details. Ken is also a faithful husband, father and grandfather. He now enjoys working with his daughter and son-in-law, Buck and Kristin Sutton and two of his grandsons, Tyler and Austin Sutton here on staff at TFC.

National Area Directors

Roger Arroyo

Area Director, St. Thomas

Roger Arroyo and his wife, Julie have recently answered God's call and are starting up TFC on the Island of St. Thomas. Roger were both a part of Teens For Christ in their high school and college years, and have been a part of TFC in the Delphos community for years now. Now, having moved to St. Thomas, we are excited to see how God uses them in the place where He has planted them.

Simon Ladaa

Curriculum Developer and Area Director, Florida

Simon Ladaa is the Curriculum Developer for Teens For Christ. He aids the ministry in creating materials that will better disciple and train our students, staff and volunteers. Prior to this position, Simon was the Executive Director of Teens For Christ in Lebanon, spreading the gospel in his home country for over 12 years. He is a husband to Rania Diab and a father to Mirella Joy, Christa Jane, and Celine Jan. Simon’s evident love for family is first fueled by his love for Jesus Christ. Alongside curriculum development, he will be ministering through TFC in Florida. He has a wealth of experience in leading and teaching the Bible in the classroom, during conferences and at other training venues. Simon is passionate about spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and has always been thrilled to be a part of the TFC family.

YMI Students

Brittany McDonald

4th Year YMI Student

Shawn Soules

4th Year YMI Student

Jonathan Young

3rd Year YMI Student

Tiffanie Camper

2nd Year YMI Student

Samantha Gilbreath

2nd Year YMI Student


The purpose of the board is to promote and help accomplish the mission and vision of Teens for Christ.

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