Prayer Warrior

Prayer is the foundation of Teens For Christ. We firmly believe that nothing can be done apart from prayer. As we continue to grow as a ministry, we grow more and more dependent on the continual support of our prayer warriors.

If you would like to become a prayer warrior and commit to pray for Teens For Christ every day, please fill out the form below. 

11 points of prayer

god would be glorified



Pray that…
God would be glorified through this ministry.
God would be honored though our weekly chapter meetings.
God would be honored in our seasonal events.
God would be honored and praised through the lives of the Staff, YMI, ATC, and, Volunteers.

Pray for…
A culture of evangelism: leaders and students sharing the gospel.
Unsaved teens or adults whom God has laid on your heart.
TFC International.

Pray for…
A culture of discipleship: leaders and students meeting with one another for discipleship.
More one-on-one mentors.
The discipleship materials we produce.


Pray for…
Existing local staff, USA staff, volunteers, prayer warriors, and board members.
New staff and volunteers locally, nationally, and internationally.
(A list of current staff can be found in the about section of our website.)


Pray for…
Major movements of the Holy Spirit throughout the ministry.
Spiritual breakthroughs.
Healing miracles.

one million teenagers

Pray that…
God would use the ministry of Teens For Christ to reach one million teenagers a week.
 God would plant us in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North America, South America, Central America, and the Middle East.
God would allow us to minister in all 50 states.
God would expand us locally to every school within 50 minutes of Lima.


Pray for…
God’s blessing for the current facility we are in so that it lasts.
Maintenance and restoration needs in our current facility.
The facility of our other USA and International locations.
Land and finances for a new International Headquarters.




Pray for…
Donors willing to give $10,000, $5,000, or $1,000 each month.
More companies to partner with us financially.
Chapter sponsors for all of our International chapters.
Other financial needs we may have such as furniture, technology, and motor bikes.

Pray for…
Our local ministry to be in every school in the tri county area and reaching over 1,000 students locally every week.
God to allow us to minister in all 50 states.
 TFC St. Thomas (Roger & Julie Arroyo) and their financial, staffing, and volunteer needs.


Pray for…
Revival in Lima, the USA, and the World.
Revival in the TFC Chapters.
Revival in the Lima area churches and ministries.
Revival in the Body of Christ worldwide.

Pray for…
The countries we are in and the executive directors, staff and volunteers:
Kenya – Luke Amoke
Uganda – Justus Matsiko
Nepal – Simon Tamang
Bangladesh – Don Adhikary
India – Sam Prabhakara
Philippines – Jecjhona “Jec” Baruman
Rwanda – Aminadab Mbanzabugabo
Any new countries that the Lord may lead us into.